Veerle Baetens and Matteo Simoni together in Rookie

c99fc79e1c222566acd9f76b9602db81 - Veerle Baetens and Matteo Simoni together in Rookie

This summer will start with the recordings of ‘ROOKIE’, the langspeelfilmdebuut of director Lieven Van Baelen. The leading roles are played by Matteo Simoni (‘Patser’), Veerle Baetens (‘D’Ardennes’) and emerging talent Valentine Braeckman. In addition, it will, inter alia, Stefaan Degand, Tibo Vandenborre and Bjarne Devolder in the film. The recordings will continue in both Flanders and Wallonia.

‘Rookie’ follows the story of Nicky (Matteo Simoni), a young, ambitious and confident motorcyclist pur sang. Each race he puts his life on the game, not for money but for the kicks, the respect and the fame. His world collapses and unexpectedly, when he by accident will never be able to race. He fails in this new life, to accept and are looking for support to start a new life with his sister-in-law Vero (Veerle Baetens) and her son Charlie (Valentine Braeckman). But the call of adrenaline kicks and crosses quickly its head again. Through his nephew, Charlie tries to Nicky, his dream is still to experience. It soon becomes clear that Charlie is not cut from the same cloth.

“For me, this film is about broken dreams and second chances. It is the story of Nicky, a passionate motorracer that suddenly the ability to be able to race to lose. He tries to get his dream to achieve this by giving to his nephew, Charlie. It is actually a form of selfishness of Nicky that eventually leads to his project with Charlie fails. In addition, this selfishness also understand something that every roadracer need to be successful. How else can you get every race again your life on the game, without the guilt?”, says screenwriter and director Lieven Van Baelen.