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US University launches study to Bitcoin, Blockchain and co. – Coin Hero

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US University launches study to Bitcoin, Blockchain and co.

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A University in Pennsylvania, takes a new online studies into the Curriculum. The topic: the Blockchain and crypto-currencies.

American College follows the example of other universities

How does the Blockchain, what technical backgrounds, it is important to know? And how it came to be that you can buy today to a steadily growing market on countless stock exchanges the Bitcoin and Altcoins to buy it? These questions play in the University area yet only rarely a role. The University of Liechtenstein launched the end of 2019, a Blockchain-degree programme. Only this month it was announced that the University of Nicosia, finally offering a master’s degree. A crypto and Blockchain-Bachelor students were able to complete there for a long time. A second place in Cyprus, enrolled students can also make New York their statements. Furthermore, the programme is also offered as an Online Version that is equally abroad.

Fintech topics will constitute the majority of the curriculum

These last-mentioned path, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, on rides into the study program. Without question, the University is not among the largest. Your good reputation precedes but you still. Unimportant the message is not. Because in the USA at the moment – not least because of the upcoming GlobalCoin from home USA a certain amount of upheaval. It is not in the study offer a pure degree program to Blockchain and crypto-currencies. The Name of the study but an important direction. He is, according to the University’s “Fintech: the basics and examples of application of financial technology”.

Courses on offer will include renowned lecturers

The first insight in the teaching concept to show that digital currencies represent a Central area of study. In addition, the currencies of the Ark until the ZCash and the Blockchain in General new digital payment will be discussed systems. The University wants to integrate in his own words also, and especially, experts said, even in the curriculum. For example, in the Form of financial advisors or managers of large service providers that are familiar in one way or another with the topics. As a pure Online studies the offer is triggered international interest. Recently, the University had also opened a private center, which rubs the division of the financial technologies waste. The Research around Coins, Wallets, and technical application possibilities is the focus here.

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