The Netherlands is also expected to pack of wolves

eaae9da60946d8f0cb9cac7c6bd4ba57 - The Netherlands is also expected to pack of wolves

On the Veluwe in the Netherlands, a second she-wolf settled. In addition, there is also a male identified. The sequel is not hard to guess.

But first things first. Our neighbors give their wolves have no names as Naya or August. The new she-wolf is just called GW960f.

Dna analysis of wolvenkeutels has now shown that GW960f certainly half a year in the Veluwe lives, reports the NRC. That half a year is important, because if a wolf somewhere six months continues to roam, then consider scientists the animal as a ‘set’.

GW960f has joined counterpart GW998f. It was in February, the first wolf in 150 years time that occur in the Netherlands. In addition, there are traces of a mannetjeswolf in the neighborhood. He got the name GW894m.

GW894m since the beginning of this year already eight times in the immediate vicinity of GW998f been making scientists suspect that both are a couple of forms. The chance is so large a pack was founded on the Veluwe, reports the NRC.