Swedish court rejects arrest Assange for rape

0ea86ce4d6195844ad5ab9264c2e2f16 - Swedish court rejects arrest Assange for rape

A Swedish court has Monday the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in connection with alleged rape, will be rejected.

The Swedish public prosecutor had, through the deputy attorney-general, Eva-Marie Persson asked Assange in absentia in custody in connection with a 2010 dating verkrachtingszaak in Sweden. The magistrate took the risk on flights as a reason. The prosecution hoped to make this a European arrest warrant to issue against the Australian, who is currently in Britain, are trapped.

But the Swedish defense argued in the hearing behind closed doors that there is ‘no risk’ is that Assange flight. Also said the defense that the public prosecutor’s office to London can go on to Assange to be examined, or that the hearing by videoconference can take place.

Case recently reopened

The district court in Uppsala found the allegations against the Australian founded, as well as the “risk that he tries to appear to the justice to withdraw’. However, rejected the request for arrest. They found that an interrogation of Assange still after his imprisonment in Britain, for violating the terms of his parole, has expired.

Deputy attorney-general, Eva-Marie Persson reopened recently the case at the request of the lawyer of a woman who said that Assange her in 2010 during a visit to Sweden had been raped. The facts in the case become statute-barred in 2020. Assange denies the allegation of rape.

The defense called the court ruling ‘a major victory’. But the public prosecutor may, against the decision of the court, even in appeal. Persson said that she and her team will consider and dismiss a defeat they have suffered. They stressed that the court followed her was on the risk on those flights, and that the suspicion of rape is still satisfying.