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Students will receive ‘at Home’ gift from VRT

Students will receive ‘at Home’ gift from VRT

A student has the VRT so far were all at Home-episodes of this season of the summer has to offer through the online platform VRT Now.

Whom a delivery has been missed, can free review on VRT Now up to thirty days after broadcast. But this year the public broadcaster is an exception: all the episodes of this 24th season will continue throughout the summer.

VRT reacts to his own words, on a question of Robin Oostvogels, a derdejaarsstudente at the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool. Since 1 april runs out of her eindstage. In a post on Twitter showed them the VRT know that she is a big fan of Home, but that she by her stage no longer has to be able to look. And or the VRT all the episodes during the summer, could leave ‘if afstudeercadeau’?

It is no coincidence that the VRT is the offer of Home via VRT Now expanding: the soap is also very well reviewed. Since the start of the onlinevideotheek, in February 2017, there are already more than twenty million episodes streamed. On the 27th of may was also a cape rounded: for the eight millionth time an episode of this season of Home started on VRT Now.