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Striking voetbalman Barry Hughes (ex-Beerschot) at age 81, death

f679fa1e3f41a7ac5dc0a238bb5f2bab - Striking voetbalman Barry Hughes (ex-Beerschot) at age 81, death

After a short stay in the hospital is a former football coach Barry Hughes at age 81 died. That reported the Dutch FOX Sports Sunday night.

Hughes, born in Wales, played in his youth for West Bromwich Albion in England. He then moved to the Netherlands where he came out for Blue and White and Alkmaar ‘54. The latter club started Hughes in 1966 also are trainerscarrière. Then he was as a coach, worked at Go Ahead Eagles, Sparta, FC Utrecht, MVV, FC Volendam, HFC Haarlem, where he soon became the great talent of Ruud Gullit discovered. He finished his trainersloopbaan in 1989 at Beerschot.

Both on and off the field, was made Hughes a distinctive personality. He took several carnavalsliedjes, played guest roles in tv series and presented his own tv quiz. Known is also his act with a rolfluitje in 1978 as the coach of Haarlem during a game against AZ’67, which he is rather formal colleague Georg Kessler to see continued.