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“Sebastian Vettel is a ‘badass’ but not as fast as Max Verstappen”

4d8b20115339bb331eea941047c62d6c - "Sebastian Vettel is a 'badass' but not as fast as Max Verstappen"

Max Verstappen

That statement comes from no one less than Daniel Ricciardo, both drivers at Red Bull Racing ever the team-mate was.

During the last Beyond The Grid podcast of former F1 pilot Nico Rosberg was Daniel Ricciardo, the question is raised who of his former teammates, the fastest was: Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel.

“Max …,” said Ricciardo against the world champion of 2016. “I want Seb no dishonor do, he is definitely not slow.”

According to Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, so the faster rider when you compare it with Sebastian Vettel. In addition, expect Ricciardo that Verstappen in the future, only faster.

“Max is still young and if he is already so fast, he will only be faster.”

“Seb has been doing for so long. I think that as a rider will be better, but he has less groeimarge, Max has that much more.”

“If Seb look at this, sorry Seb! You are still a ‘badass’, it’s okay!” said Ricciardo, with a smile.

According to Ricciardo is the difference between Verstappen and Vettel also in that Verstappen immediately fast.

“Max is” out of the box’ immediately, quickly,” says Ricciardo. “The first round of the first training session, it is sure to go. It has nothing to do with the feeling of just being. I think Max for a large part on his instinct drive.”

“Seb is a technical rider but I think he’s also more sensitive. Much when Seb turns around the feeling of being in the car while Max is much more based on instinct and raw talent to drive,” concluded the Australian.

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