Queen welcomes Trump in Buckingham Palace

The American president Donald Trump and his wife Melania are Monday, arrived in London for a three day state visit. First visit of the day: a lunch with the Queen.

The presidential aircraft Air Force One is something for nine hours local time, landed at London’s Stansted airport, where the presidentskoppel was met by the British Foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt, and the American ambassador Woody Johnson. A few hours later and a helicopter Trump and Melania in the garden of Buckingham Palace, where they were welcomed by prince Charles and his wife Camilla. Queen Elizabeth was waiting for them at the palace.

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Surprising: also Trumps eldest daughter, Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner are present in Buckingham Palace. According to a post on her Instagram account, the presidentsdochter for at least a day longer in London.

Whom Trump did not have to wait, is London mayor Sadiq Khan. He wrote Sunday in an op-ed that he doesn’t understand why the red carpet is rolled out for a president whose splitting behavior is contrary to the ideals on which America is founded’. Khan compared the discourse of Trump with that of the fascists of the 20th century. He calls it also ‘shamelessly’ how to Trump itself in the debate around the new prime minister by the candidacy of Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservatives to support.

Trump had during the flight to London time for the op-ed of Khan to read, and it served him right of reply via a tweet in which he Khan a heavy loser,’ ‘who is better would be to focus on the crime in London, instead of on me.”

Queen welcomes Trump in Buckingham Palace

Queen welcomes Trump in Buckingham Palace

Queen welcomes Trump in Buckingham Palace

On the agenda

It is the first official visit of Trump to Great Britain. Last year, he visited Queen Elizabeth once, but that was not a state visit. According to the schedule that was released by Buckingham Palace will Trump and Melania Monday afternoon, after lunch with the Queen along with prince Andrew, a wreath to lay at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Westminster Abbey. Monday night there is an official state banquet in Buckingham Palace.

On Tuesday there is a meeting scheduled with prime minister Theresa May and a few businessmen. The main theme is the relations between Great Britain and the United States after the Brexit. the Evening receives the presidentskoppel prince Charles and Camilla at the American embassy.

Wednesday should be the highlight of the visit. Live at Trump in Portsmouth, the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Port In that will the Queen also officially saying goodbye to Trump. From there he will travel to Normandy, for even more commemorations around D-Day. There is also a meeting with president Emmanuel Macron on the schedule. Trump will finally also pay a visit to Ireland.

Johnson and Farage

It’s not on the official agenda, but Trump would during his visit also like to meet with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, as he said in an interview on the occasion of the state visit. In that interview he spoke also about British politics. Trump will find, inter alia, that the British should simply wegwandelen, as Brussels is not them that gives them what they want. And the bill of 44 billion euro, that London should pay after the Brexit? “If I were them, I would not pay. That is a huge amount.’