Population of cetaceans is growing in New York City

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Whom whales want to spot, you can visit in New York. There were last year, a total of 272 whales spotted. In 2011 there were only five.

The spotted whales were almost all humpback whales and were seen by members of the group Gotham Whale, an organization that is fighting for research into whales.

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We have 8 more whale watches left for the year! Try to get out with us before the year ends. This Saturday is the only whale watch this weekend. Photo @nyc_whale_photographer #gothamwhale #american_princess_cruises #wildaboutwhales #humpbackwhale #humpback #whale #nybight #wildlifephotography #nycwhalephotographer #humpbackdays #newyork #feedyouradventure #natgeocreative #nycwhalewatching #rockaway #iloveny @iloveny

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‘The number of whales continues to increase, ” said Paul Sieswerda, founder of Gotham Whale on The Guardian. He previously worked as curator at the Aquarium in New York. ‘Humpback whales were so overfished that they were nearly exterminated, but the populations to grow again.”

The return of the animals is, according to Sieswerda the result of different elements. The two most important are less dirty water through the Clean Water Act, and less overfishing by the Endangered Species Act.

Most of the whales are spotted near the Rockaways, Long Island and the coast of New Jersey. ‘It’s a very exciting time, and an opportunity for residents and tourists to whale watching in the waters around New York City, ” says Howard Rosenbaum, a scientist at the New York Aquarium.

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Wow, great day yesterday, 4 Humpbacks and Dolphin’s seen. Breaching and non-stop, pectoral fin slapping right in front of the NYC skyline! Today is the day…Light winds, 0ft-1ft ocean swell and temp 55-57. Bring your camera, gloves and hat. Sit in the heated cabin or theAmerican Princess Cruises and jump out when we see whales and dolpins! Photo @nyc_whale_photographer Artie Raslich

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