Peter Van den Berge and Faith in grief

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Peter Van den Berge and Faith from The Sky Is The Limit are in mourning. They have recently had to say goodbye to their best friend and the godmother of their daughters Esme and Nora. “Marie Therese Hanssen was initially our neighbor, but grew into an indispensable part of our family,” responds Peter Van den Berge. Marie-Thérèse was seen in the online series of ‘The fortune hunters’. “After the death of her father in 2012, she stayed behind and we have her out of her isolation and depression, are met. Marie Thérese lived all the way on, especially after we asked her to be godmother of our 2 girls, a task she took very seriously. Nothing was to much for her and she was our family with advice, and especially act”, respond in Faith and Peter are excited. “Marie Thérèse was childless and had no close relatives. The last year we supported her in her fight against cancer. The day of her death, she has on her bedside still good advice given to the girls,” concludes the couple.