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Ostend smoothly again to the finals of the play-offs in the EuroMillions League basketball

73d2f31aa977727553f0284d7d1f37df - Ostend smoothly again to the finals of the play-offs in the EuroMillions League basketball

Limburg United could never match the intensity of Filou Ostend. In Hasselt, won the titelverdedigers with 59-78. Ostend qualifies for the eighth consecutive season for the playoff-final.

Oostende has the offensive so talented Limburg very good clamp set. Never came the West-Flemish defence in trouble. Unruh scored the openingskorf and then tasted the home team no time be more of an advantage. Smooth game and five assists sent Djordjevic and his team through the finishing teams Angola and Thompson to a smooth 4-14-ahead that the Limburg invaders reduced to 16-22-digits. To high pace opened Lasisi, Djurisic and Schwartz the second quarter with a 0-11 run. The second team of Oostende (19 points of the works in the second quarter) checked out the game further in the direction of a 29-43-idle mode. Maastricht, the performers were not at the appointment. The West-Flemings, took care of only their vrijworpen (8 to 13 in the first half) is insufficient.

After three minutes in the third act, sat Kesteloot all the twenties (31-51) on the board. The match was already in its final fold. The smooth rotating Ostend controlled explicitly the rebounds. In the stats fell also ten assists of the non-performing director Djordjevic. Thompson had 16 points and 8 rebounds in only 14’15” the luminary of the Belgian collective.

LIMBURG UNITED: (24 60 8 22 drieopunters, 3 to 8 vrijworpen, 23 errors) CARRINGTON 0-6, MUKUBU 5-0, DEPUYDT 0-0, SPICER 0-0, UNRUH 8-0, Carter 2-3, Morris 5-0, Dedroog 2-2, Kuta 2-4, Price 5-15.

FILOU OOSTENDE: (25, 50, 7, 18 triples, 21 to 30 vrijworpen, 16 errors) ANGOLA 9-2, DJORDJEVIC 0-0, THOMPSON 6-10, KESTELOOT 2-2, FIELER 5-2, Lasisi 8-6, Schwartz 2-4, Mwema 2-4, Desiron 2-0, Djurisic 7-3.

QUARTZ: 16-22, 13-21, 14-21, 16-14