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Once watch with The emergency centre

69b6bafa937a6bef7dffbc958f87cf06 - Once watch with The emergency centre

Tonight, unfortunately, for the last time on your screen: The emergency centre. Probably not for the last time on your screen tonight: Hendrik Bogaert.


One, 20.40 hours

What we, on the occasion of the last episode of this entertaining human-interestreeks, aloud want to ask yourself: would the people who the emergency centres manning the same amount of patience with annoying callers if there are no cameras in the area?


Arte, 20.55 hours

Claude Chabrol at his best with a zedenschets about themes that half a century later, is still topical: vluchtmisdrijf, vindictiveness, the law into their own hands.


Caz, 20.40 hours

Bend down or you surrender, the choice is yours: Caz fires the whole week of classic war films. Today the least well known, but certainly not the worst, with the then 22-year-old Raffaella Carrà in one of the lead roles (and Frank Sinatra in the other).

4 in RESPECT of

Canvas, 20 hours

The elections. on may 26, remains vibrating in the CD&V. Hendrik Bogaert drops down to the studio to look at the issue. What is undoubtedly also enough substance in the discussion will yield, is the state visit of Donald Trump to the United Kingdom. Lia van Bekhovengives us the latest updates. And a year after Matteo Salvini in Italy, a government formed with the Vijfsterrenbeweging, is also in Rome, the voltage to be cut.


Canvas, 20.30 hours

Last week it was the motorcycle club Hells Angels banned in the Netherlands. Will that cause problems in Belgium, with gang members, possibly other places will visit? Lawyer Joris Van Cauter and Maasmechels mayor Raf Terwingen (CD&V) engage in debate. And thirty years ago have rolled off the tanks on tiananmen square in Beijing to a studentenprotest bloody in the bud. Journalist Stefan Blommaert was an eyewitness of.