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N-VA and Vlaams belang provide half board VRT

N-VA and Vlaams belang provide half board VRT

By the Flemish election results, is the half of the board of directors of the VRT later from Flemish nationalists. “Oh, the president will be in a good direction.’

Two parties that their criticism on the VRT not spare, from 2020, half of the seats in the board of directors. There is the strategic line of the public broadcaster determined. Some of the N-VA’ers are rubbing is now in the hands. Off the record, were all the jokes made about ‘the new course’ which the VRT would sail. Vlaams belang, it sounds like music in the ears – also on the record. “This is a great opportunity to get the bias in some of the programs of the VRT again from the inside to complain,” says Flemish Mp Chris Janssens. His party then returns after five-year absence back in the council, the SP.A and CD&V to lose a seat.

That also the N-VA, often criticizing the stance of the public broadcaster, is known. The question is therefore whether the N-VA and Vlaams belang each other will be found to weigh on the VRT. “Oh, the president will be in a good direction,” laughs Luc Van den Brande, former minister-president, and since 2010, chairman of the board of directors. However, he can’t deny that the strategic line of the VRT is certainly within its board of directors. “The government controls the media, the Flemish Parliament checks that. The board of directors outlines the strategy that the management can get to work.’

Without political color

Van den Brande stressed that members of their political colour losses when they start their function. “I can imagine that not everyone composition welcomes”, sounds at a different board member. ‘But you may only use our direct influence, also do not overestimate. Journalism is that there is not, even though we consult once a year with the news service. We determine the zendschema not.’

“Much more important is the funding that the VRT will receive in the new government negotiations,” says another member of the board of directors. ‘Ditto for the discussion about the new management 2021-2025 perhaps this autumn, the Flemish Parliament will be conducted.’

It does, however, questions arise as to whether a board of directors is at all politically composed. “It is important that the political currents are represented in public broadcasting’, stressed Van den Brande.