MENT is ready for the summer

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The MENT, music and programs anywhere and everywhere.. to the beach, on the bike, on a trip.. or just via bluetooth, connect with the audio in your car and lovely to listen… also on a trip…it can be.

MENT is launching a new version of the ‘MENT RADIO’app. No 1000 bells and whistles on MENT RADIO, the app plays the audio of the tv signal, accompanied by song title and artist name, and enlivened with a photo with the artist.
Instead of the app printer to create program guides and all sorts of extra info, there is a direct link to where all the info about programs, showbizznieuws and the program guide can be consulted.
Furthermore, there is a start and pause button and you can the app with your friends “share” via social media, via email …. Thus, you can them also enjoy the app.