Macron: ‘October 31, last chance for Brexit’

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The president of france Emmanuel Macron believes that October 31, the last chance of the British to the European Union. That’s what he said Monday at the start of a meeting in the Elysée.

The Brexit would normally on the 29th of march have taken place, but after the resigning British prime minister Theresa May and her Brexitakkoord with the EU but not by the British house of Commons was, she asked to delay. At an Eu summit in april she received the European leaders delay until 31 October, though that was not for everyone. The French president, Macron had already been bothering. He refused initially, any extension beyond 30 June.

The date of October 31 is called the ‘last chance’ for Macron, he said Monday. “I don’t want the new European Commission itself should be occupied.’ A reopening of the echtscheidingsakkoord is out of the question, he repeated again.

The British can still choose in the EU to continue, he said. ‘Till the last minute is the only one that the Brexit could still stop, the British government itself.’