Gert Verhulst explains to guests the silence

96e4cdfef66c067a9d273da7c4637ff4 - Gert Verhulst explains to guests the silence

Last Friday, Gert Verhulst married and that, of course, is great news. After the wedding ceremony there was a reception for a limited group of invited guests. They all had clear instructions been given, none of the guests should something on the social media. Gert Verhulst was afraid that the press, namely, to be present at his marriage. Where Studio 100 useful use of the press, and wanted to Gert Verhulst absolutely no press photographers in the area. James Cooke should of course not be missing on the wedding that Friday evening/night took place and also André Hazes would have been present.
Even Saturday were the guests of the party nothing to fix about the location of marriage, although there is a presumption where the festivities have taken place. We had one of the guests Saturday night on the line, and that kept the tight-lipped, where we of course understand. Striking: Ellen and Gert have their guests very selectively invited. Although Gert Verhulst and the Pop-Up Theatre in Puurs had to fill up with many hundreds of attendees, they held a party in a limited circle. Even people like Walter, The Thunder and Koen Crucke received no invitation for the marriage of Gert Verhulst and were also not previously aware of the plans of Gert Verhulst. That last one is so with a gleam in his plan succeeded: far away from the press to marry his Ellen. Congratulations To Gert!