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Fraud Belgian football Lokeren is in appeal

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Lokeren is going to be at the BASS in appeal against the decisions of the disputes committee, Appeal of the belgian football association in the file matchfxing.

Lokeren is in appeal against the acquittal of Waasland-Beveren. That acquittal means that Waasland-Beveren will not degrade. And that was bad news for the city of Lokeren. For had the disputes committee Waasland-Beveren were convicted, than had the city of Lokeren, in 1A.

This weekend was the football association announced that KV Mechelen should relegate to 1B. According to the arbitration committee, it has been proven that they are attempts to Waasland-Beveren for their critical mutual duel to influence, so that Malinwa would not degrade.

Waasland-Beveren itself, however, was not punished. The arbitration board condemned president Dirk george chapman and finance director Olivier Swolfs, however, due to non-compliance with the notification requirement. Swolfs is one year suspended, george chapman gets a suspended sentence. But the club will be left alone because not it could be proven that Waasland-Beveren was entered on the omkooppogingen of KV Mechelen.

The lawyer of Lokeren, Walter Van Steenbrugge said this weekend: “To match fixing are you still with two. So either you go all the two in the bath, or no one. I am not convinced that in the hands of Waasland-Beveren as light schaatst about the matchfixing. For the city of Lokeren is matchfixing, and the debt of Waasland-Beveren. This decision is a lack of courage. We go everything from the cabinet to get this right to withdraw and have all the confidence that the right will prevail.”

Also KV Mechelen will also appeal to the BASS. “We have the decision of the disputes committee) for the first time can go through,” says Joost Everaert, lawyer of the club. “We find that our questions and arguments are not or hardly be answered in the however comprehensive decision.’

KV Mechelen have until the end of this week to appeal and will probably wait until the last moment.