Francesca Vanthielen and Kristof Verhassel new Home

88a90e95d360b8eb17f033019ee50e9e - Francesca Vanthielen and Kristof Verhassel new Home

Soon welcomes Home two actors with loads of experience in the cast: Kristof Verhassel and Francesca Vanthielen play from the middle of June a guest appearance in the most popular daily fiction series in Flanders. Both are behind the scenes for a long time already on the set, their characters are in the middle of June in the series introduced. Fransesca played a lawyer Isolde Teerlynck. Master Teerlynck is jovial and friendly in the dealings, but also greatly driven to the right to prevail. She goes through the fire for her clients in the courtroom.

Kristof takes on the role of Jasper Berens. Ann and Judith are now friends boksamateurs and go weekly to let off some steam. When their permanent teacher is going abroad, it is replaced by this handsome teacher, and soon to be in the taste by all the women of the boxing club. And that is not only for its good bokstechnieken…

Kristof Verhassel: “The studio’s in Leuven were certainly not unknown territory for me. A few years ago I came there often for the recording of series of GoGoGo. Now busy Home, around the whole studio complex. It’s still fantastic to see how you as a newcomer in a machine is sucked, and how you automatically in the story and the group behind the scenes. Since march I’ve been involved in the recordings as Jasper Berens, the boksleraar of Ann and Judith. It is a small role or what the possibilities are for the future. I’m curious as to what way I can take it.”