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Delfine Person: ‘financially, my career’s over’

3eb7bb65d069628e70160ae72201329f - Delfine Person: ‘financially, my career's over’

Delfine Person himself does not believe that a rematch will come with the Irish Katie Taylor, already had that last indicated that they have was open.

‘Taylor, you’ll never want to’, said the Person, the day after the camp for the world championship in the lightweights in New York. “The boxing is just what maffioos. They will give me no chance to give more, even though she me not be whipped as it should be.’

Or they think to stop? “I want the camp first look, before I make a decision about my future. Of course boxing I still like and it is easy to say: we have to go back boxing. But I should also go to the financial picture. That my career’s over.’

The chance is, by the way, that the Person is not her full scholarship – $ 200,000 – will. At least, if it is the organizers depend on it. “Suddenly I would $ 20,000 have to pay for the ‘sanction fees (a percentage of the stock exchange always goes to the boksbonden). I have refused to sign. We have pre-signed a contract for the full scholarship.’

The case is still not the job, the coming days will be to continue discussion.