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Carapaz does Ecuador celebrate with victory in the Giro, Campenaerts comes deficit for the win in final time trial in Verona

3376336106c72ee47acf52b5365370d0 - Carapaz does Ecuador celebrate with victory in the Giro, Campenaerts comes deficit for the win in final time trial in Verona

Richard Carapaz is the overall winner of the Tour of Italy to 2019. The triumph of the Ecuadoriaan of Movistar came in the final time trial in Verona is no longer in danger. The day victory went to Chad Haga, which is a few seconds faster than Victor Campenaerts.

After five flat miles followed the climb towards Torricelle (4.5 km at 5%). This slope was also on the world CHAMPIONSHIP circuit in 1999, but when the riders in the other direction. Afterwards was a descent of four kilometers. The finale consisted of three winding miles to the Verona Arena, a miniversie of the Colosseum in Rome. The course in Verona was a copy of the final Giro time trial in 2010. When did winner Gustav Erik Larsson 20’19”.

Campenaerts had the time trial is often referred to. Tom Bohli (UAE Team Emirates) came in with a time of 22’41 ‘ and maker a first reference time for our compatriot. The werelduurrecordhouder put on top of the Torricelle, the best interim down and was also at the finish line of the preliminary fastest of the pack with a time of 22’11”.

Long was Campenaerts, however, not in the ‘hot seat’. Chad Haga (Team Sunweb), emerged being four seconds under the time of our countryman. A surprise voice. Thomas De Gendt was ever down, and rode an excellent time trial. The team mate of Campenaerts foundered, however, on two seconds of his countryman, and so on six seconds of Haga.

It was waiting for the big guns of the championship. Simon Yates, who is out of the race last year until the lock is lost, came in with a time above 23 minutes. Miguel Ángel López loved Rafal Majka and ends the season as the sixth, for the Pool. Primoz Roglic drew the line through his last week and came 9 seconds deficit for the win. The Slovenian picked up the third place in the overall classification, at the expense of Mikel Landa.

Vincenzo Nibali did an ultimate throw back to the dagwinst, but the Shark of Messina, failed in his intent. The Italian ran aground on 23 seconds of stage winner Haga, and is second in the standings. Carapaz was not in the top of the that stage, but it will damn be. The Ecuadoriaan did his country, celebrating the first victory ever in a big tour. Carapaz follows on the roll of honour for Chris Froome.


1. Chad Haga (Usa/SUN) 17 km in 22:07 (avg. 46,12 km/h)

2. Victor Campenaerts (Call/LTS) at 0:04

3. Thomas De Gendt (Bel/LTS) 0:06

4. Damiano Caruso (Ita/TPM) 0:09

5. Josef Cerny (Ch/CCC) 0:11

6. Tobias Ludvigsson (Swe/GFC) 0:11

7. Pello Bilbao (Spa/AST) 0:17

8. Mattia Cattaneo (Ita/ANS) 0:20

9. Vincenzo Nibali (Ita/TPM) 0:23

10. Primoz Roglic (Sln/TJV) 0:26

Final standings:

1. Richard Carapaz (Ecu/MOV) 3.537,6 km in 90u01:47 (avg. 39,29 km/h)

2. Vincenzo Nibali (Ita/TPM) at 01:05

3. Primoz Roglic (Sln/TJV) 02:30

4. Mikel Landa (Spa/MOV) 02:38

5. Bauke Mollema (Ned/TFS) 05:43

6. Rafal Majka (Pol/BOH) 06:56

7. Miguel Angel Lopez (Col/AST) 07:26

8. Simon Yates (GBr/MTS) 07:49

9. Pavel Sivakov (Rus/INS) 08:56

10. Ilnur Zakarin (Rus/TKA) 12:14

De Gendt surprised with third place: “it is a Pity that the past is”

Lotto Soudal, with the Victor Campenaerts and Thomas De Gendt Sunday in Verona, the numbers 2 and 3 of the final time trial of the Tour of Italy. De Gendt had that result is absolutely not expected.

“I had actually little sense in”, known to The Company after the chronoproef of seventeen kilometers. “During my exploration I was able to climb with effort, 200 Watts pushing it. I had this morning also no ‘desire’: mentally was the Giro yesterday past, and in principle, I could today do not really participate for a very good result. If I then full-on row is the for place 15, 20, something like that. And I had this morning really not in the mood to do that. I was also surprised that, in the end the third best time was at the finish line. I didn’t expect that I’m so close.”

The major motivation turned out to be the lesser time trial of team-mate Campenaerts: “We had hoped that Victor went on to win. I was still in the bus when I saw that his time was broken, and then I said: ‘Now I must go to the limit, it is my chance to get him once to beat in a time trial’. That just didn’t work, that’s a pity. I had a good feeling in the time trial and am nowhere yet really come to a halt. So I’m really happy with my performance. In the end the legs today and yesterday the best of the whole Giro, so it is a pity that it is now over. I’m in a growing line.”

There was something more in as The Company with the big ambition started? “After two hundred metres, I’m in position, I have tried the wattages to the stairs that I had stairs, and it went wonderfully well. So I have that position and that pace to continue to climb. Since I was not silent, I saw on the top that I’m not so very far behind the best of time, so I have more or less taken risks in the descent, and tried, there is still a good result out of it. Maybe I had in a couple of turns faster in the olympics, but harder to push I couldn’t. I was really on the limit.”

Carapaz writes history: “I think this is only the beginning”

The ‘Locomotive of Carchi is on his final destination hit: Richard Carapaz has Sunday on the final day of the Tour of Italy until the first Ecuadorian winner of the round is crowned. The 26-year-old rider from the Movistar Team Sunday in the final time trial in Verona is still very deep.

The mix of fatigue and emotions that Carapaz after his time trial in a packed amphitheatre of Verona about his steering wheel hanging out panting, betrayed enough: he was not just on his stroll within gebold. “I had honestly not expected in advance, but I really have never been apart in a time trial like today. From the start to the last cobble stone next to the arena, it was pure suffering”, chugged Carapaz.

But what he got in return, was big. “I don’t know what I should say. This is a unique feeling. For me, this is the greatest triumph I had achieved. Some things in life you can just not beforehand imagine. It happened as I had dreamed. Now I believe that everything is possible. At this point, pass your whole life through your head: all the hard work, all the sacrifices to make your dream come to reach. This moment, that makes it all worthwhile.”

After the end fell Carapaz in the arms of his family and he was on the championships literally on hands carried by his Movistar-team mates. “This victory I have been able to achieve thanks to my team, that to me the whole time supported. This victory is for them, for everyone who provided me support, for Ecuador, Latin America, and for anyone who is happy with this success. This moment to share with my parents, wife and children makes it even more special. This is a unique moment which I so much to them to thank them.”

Carapaz is in this stage as the proverbial third dog appeared to be with the leg went away. “In four years, courses on European soil, I’ve learned that you opportunities must grab as they arise. The thirty seconds that I won in stage 15 were crucial. I took advantage of it that Nibali and Roglic to each other looked. There is where the Giro was decided. I am delighted that I was so my dream to be a great round to win, I was able to make it. But I think that this is just the beginning for me. We always dream about more.”