Body found in Danube a hundred miles of the place where tourist boat shipwreck ran

de28ef8d618127ce9c0ef6313efdc968 - Body found in Danube a hundred miles of the place where tourist boat shipwreck ran

Five days in the Hungarian capital city, Budapest, a boat is sunk with on-board 35 people is a body of the Danube fishing in Harta, a village hundred kilometres downstream. Also from the wreck of a body could be salvaged.

The tourist boat sank Wednesday night with 35 people aboard: thirty Korean tourists, three guides and two Hungarian crew members. Seven people survived the disaster, and there were seven bodies found. To 21 missing persons was sought.

According to local experts, most bodies probably stuck in the boot. The water however is muddy and the current very strong, what the bergingswerken difficult. However, there was also a body of the Danube fishing in the village of Pt. In addition, managed South Korean and Hungarian divers on Monday in the first body from the wreck of the ship mountains.

‘The body was taken Monday morning found by Hungarian divers during a verkenningsduik, later in the day was to the top taken by South Korean divers’, reports the Hungarian antiterreureenheid TEK, that the bergingsactie leads. Further details are missing.

Captain held

The Monday recovered bodies have yet to be identified. Due to the heavy rainfall, the river is in Budapest at this time, one and a half meters higher than usual, which makes it difficult to the wreck on the bottom to reach.

The Hungarian crew, including the captain of the Hableany-boat, are among the missing. The captain of the Vikings Sigyn, a much larger river cruise ship that was involved in the accident, is held. There is course a study of the 64-year-old Oekraïner for ‘criminal negligence on a public waterway’.