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Block.One announces Social Media platform, EOS-Blockchain Coin Hero

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Block.One announces Social Media platform, EOS-Blockchain

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Marcus Misiak –

After all the Hype about Facebook and the GlobalCoin chains cars on larger Block in the area of Social Media. Block.One, the company behind EOS, will bring out its own Social Media platform to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

The CEO of Block.One, Brendan Blumer, presented at the “June 1” – the Voice – the Social Media platform, which is operated on the EOS Blockchain. In a press release, announced the “Voice” as a “transparent” Social Media platform. In the announcement it States that “the value of good content and again a voice is given to get the Community and not the company’s earnings”. Blumer stated that its competitors “are designed, their users take advantage of”. In a press release Blumer, as follows, was quoted as saying:

Look at the business model. Of Our Content. Our Data. Our Attention. These are all incredibly valuable things. But at the Moment it is the platform, not the user who receives the reward. By Design, you run, by auctioning off our information to advertisers, the profit is plug it in and our Feeds with hidden agendas flood, the highest bidder to be specified. The Voice changes the.

Since Voice based on the Public Blockchain, is EOS, the Social Media platform.IO Protocol to follow, so that the function is public, and its “transparency claims” will be fully met.

Everyone – the users, the contributors, the platform is playing by the same rules. No hidden Algorithms, no invisible interests.

Blumer also added that Voice will have its own Token with the title of the Voice Token. Everyone who logs in “for Voice, will get a EOS-account”.

According to Blumer Voice will be a “truly self-supporting” Social-Media-Economy, in both the platform itself as well as the users benefit through the creation, Aggregation and sharing of content. For this reason, there is supposedly “no hidden agendas”, so that it gives all users equal conditions of competition and not for a selected group.

To enable this, will use the platform of the Voice Token that is purported to be the “fairest of the tokens in the world”, because he “can only be used by real people”, who use the platform. How it works is as follows: The users of earn Voice for the use of the platform, and you can then spend to make “your voice heard”, by strengthening messages and media, by you to liquidate the Token effectively. This means that you don’t need a Million Followers, in order to achieve a social effect. It has not been given many Details. However, you can already now say that the platform will not work such as Twitter and Facebook today, and some for the user will improve.

Coinbase Earn integrated EOS

Coinbase has in cooperation with the announced that the EOS will be added to Coinbase Earn – a platform that allows consumers to crypto-currencies and to inform the technology. There are five lessons, the it users in over 100 countries (including Germany) allows EOS to purchase tokens to the value of 10 dollars, which at the Moment are about 1.2 EOS.

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