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Bitcoin-Trading in the intelligent Tesla car: The future of tomorrow?

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Bitcoin-Trading in the intelligent Tesla car: The future of tomorrow?

Home News Bitcoin-Trading in the intelligent Tesla car: The future of tomorrow?

Marcel Knobloch –

Companies from various sectors of the economy to rise to the Innovation access account inquiry & and try to integrate Bitcoin in their products. Since a few months, the market leaders Bitcoin and altcoin market in the effort and the volume of trade is increasing. The car manufacturer Tesla wants to go with the Trend of the times and integrated through a smart solution to the Bitcoin trade.

All Tesla vehicles feature a Touchscreen Display and are equipped with Wi-Fi access, so that many different functions are available, which are also for trade with crypto currencies is necessary. With the help of two well-known Apps in the crypto-space, Wallet Connect and Trust the Wallet, can the car act the owner of Tesla from now on Binance. Trust Wallet is a crypto-Wallet of Binance and Wallet Connect is an Open-Source Protocol for the connection of Desktop dApps with mobile Wallets with the help of a complicated encryption. A Tesla-a user shared the image of the Touch Displays in the interior of the car in a Reddit post. A short time later, the CEO of Binance personally, Changpeng Zhao reported, and praised the Integration.

Elon Musk is set to crypto-currencies in a positive light, however, has made clear in many Statemens that his company will not develop its own digital currency. There are already enough digital Assets on the market, which take over the function already. Musk did, however, develop many of the ideas and visions of different games, based perhaps on the Blockchain, and to integrate this in the operating systems of the Tesla cars. Musk, the structure of Bitcoin will find brilliant and Dogecoin is devoted to – this he called recently on Twitter, his favorite crypto currency (freely translated):

I think the Bitcoin structure was quite brilliant. It seems that Ethereum has some merits, and maybe some of the others. But I’m not sure whether it makes sense to make use of Tesla resources, in the cryptographic to enter.

The crypto-Community, Elon Musk and Tesla like, because his company always shows positive in relation to innovation and the crypto world. Another important step was the acceptance of Bitcoin on the part of Tesla would be as an official means of payment. Until then, it will likely take some time. Tesla is not the only automaker experimenting with crypto-currencies.

Jaguar is testing Bonsuzahlungen for driver in MIOTA

Jaguar Land Rover is testing a IOTA-Wallet with the car owner for the exchange of travel data with MIOTA will be rewarded. The credit can then be used for the payment of “tolls, Parking fees, or fees of electric cars” is to be used. The IOTA Wallet will be piloted at the site in Shannon, in Ireland, in the Jaguar F-Pace and the Range ROver Verlar. So far, there is still no official start date for practice use. Dominik Schiener, founder of IOTA, that it is not each manufacturer created its own digital currency, but IOTA can be translated to be used in all vehicles (free):

The Smart Wallet technology … can easily be integrated into all new vehicles. IOTA would like to enable interoperability with all of these different actors. So, there’s no Jaguar-Coin, no BMW-Coin, but a universal sign for this machine economy.

IOTA is also working already with companies like Bosch, Volkswagen, or BMW stick together, the opportunities and the potential of the “crypto-currency for machine” to the test in the free economy. Heavyweights in the energy sector are also enthused by IOTA and piloting Tangle many business processes through the use of IOTAs.

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