After dismissal Nahles: ‘Trio at the head of German social democrats’

1897e0c1403c0368d88fc93d6e6c5954 - After dismissal Nahles: ‘Trio at the head of German social democrats’

The German social democrats of the SPD will, after the unexpected resignation of Andrea Nahles, for the time being to be led by a trio.

Sources within the party reported to the news agency dpa that it is going to Manuela Schwesig and Malu Dreyer, the minister-presidents in, respectively, Mecklenburg-western Pomerania and Rhineland-Palatinate, and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, SPD-chairman in the federal state of Hessen.

In the European elections were the social democrats as a third party, after the CDU of chancellor Angela Merkel and the Greens. It’s Sunday announced the dismissal of Nahles, who only since april of 2018 was head of the SPD, plunged the party into chaos.

The SPD sits with Angela, But CDU in the German government, but after the loss in the European elections go more and more voices for the government to step in. The party executive of the SPD is Monday together in Berlin about the next steps. It is not yet clear whether the december planned secondly, we are, with the election of a new party leadership, early will be. To that secondly, we would have the party by the trio need to be led.

In the Bundestag will Nahles as the SPD-party leader, followed by Rolf Mützenich. Nahles made Sunday announced that they are completely withdrawing from national politics.

Also the christian democratic CDU of Merkel hold Monday crisisberaad. Other parties such as the Greens, the left (die Linke and the AfD, exacerbate in the meantime, the call for new elections.