Viewers of Family in panic after the decision of actress

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Two weeks ago had Showbizztv a conversation with your Family-actress Jasmine Van Hoof, during that interview was, of course, the season finale of the soap. Jasmine told during the video interview that the season finale on a very exciting and important time will stop. Afterwards, it is for the viewer to two months to wait to clear will be how some of the storylines go. “The season’s final will be particularly exciting. You think that there are ten people lose their lives at the end of the season finale. Only in the new season, we know who ultimately” laughs the actress mysterious. Or there effective someone will die and who we will be, this may, Jasmine Van Hoof VTM’s nothing to tell. Tv Family are asking themselves this week what the Family could happen causing ten deaths could fall. A bomb attack? An earthquake? Or maybe a mass murderer? The fans of Family are in any case certain that there is at least one dead will fall during the season finale. Recently, there namely the recording in which there is a real undertaker was switched on as an extra. On the social media speculation, the fans on los. How the season finale will have expired, will on Thursday June 27 or Friday 28 June. Most of the VTM fans the chance to the extra-long season finale, immediately after the penultimate episode to watch. And some viewers have already something of the but quickly as far as is’.