Trump: ‘Boris Johnson would be an excellent prime minister’

c68fef70ed75ac0e6b109084ffda3293 - Trump: ‘Boris Johnson would be an excellent prime minister’

According to the American president Donald Trump would Boris Johnson an ‘excellent’ successor to the British prime minister, Theresa May. He said that a few days before his state visit to London.

“I’ve hard studied. I know the various players,’ said the American president in an interview with The Sun. “But I think Boris the job well it would do. I think he is excellent.’

Trump spoke Thursday also all praise for Johnson, and Nigel Farage. “These are two very good guys, very interesting people.’ It is not excluded that the two met during his state visit, which takes place from 3 to 5 June.

According to Trump other candidates to support gehengeld, although he did not tell on whom it would go. May will be on 7 June, and resigned as leader of the Conservative Party and therefore as prime minister after her Brexitdeal again rejected by the parliament.

The president expressed in the interview also criticism on the May, which is too weak would have been at the negotiations. ‘The United Kingdom left the EU to the strings in your hands, ” says Trump. “I’ve been to Theresa and said ammunition had to collect.’

The American president gave earlier already a controversial interview for his first state visit to the UK last year. When he declared that May have been advice about the Brexitonderhandelingen had been ignored.


Also Trump himself may soon be support for the use of his ‘friends’, he wants to be re-elected. He has Friday announced that his campaign for a second term on June 18 in Orlando, Florida will start. That state was crucial to his election victory in november 2016.

I will put my candidacy for a second presidential mandate, together with the first lady, Melania, and vice-president Mike Pence to announce on June 18 in Orlando, Flordia’, let Trump know on Twitter.