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So will the goalscorers tonight to celebrate

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A dance at the cornervlag, a sliding on the knees or a groepsknuffel with the teammates? How you would rejoice if you ever scoring a goal in the final of the Champions League, we don’t know. But of the players of Liverpool and Tottenham, we can guess.

The ways in which goalscorers scoring a goal and celebrate, are virtually endless. But how do they do that now actually the most frequently? The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, suggested not only that question, she went right away looking for answers.

Of all 157 goals that were scored during the world cup 2018 in Russia, the 12 owngoals, disregarded, looked at them not only how they were celebrated, but also the place of the football field that happened.

The most popular appeared to be handing out hugs to teammaats (26 times), jump, and at the same time, with clenched fists in the air, boxing (24 times), and the sliding on the knees (23 times). Followed at a respectable distance: the ‘fist pump’, a groepsknuffel with all substitutes, with the finger pointing in the air and run away with the ball in the hands.

Only one player was worth a prayer to muttering, while two players a yellow card received any money by immediately after scoring their shirt off. Also on their return, are the cast of handkusjes, handing out “high fives” and performing all sorts of acrobatic stunts, probably due to the risk of all kinds of injuries.

Hugs and allow sliding

Since, in the final of the Champions League tonight two English teams facing each other, we can at goals in the first place, expect to knieslidings. The English took that move, namely, four to the top at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the most of all teams.

But with potentially four Belgians on the field (Divock Origi and Simon Mignolet at Liverpool and Jan Vertonghen, and Toby Alderweireld to Tottenham) is also the chance of (group)hugs considerably. The Red Devils during the world cup the ‘knuffeligste’ team: four of the sixteen Belgian goals were celebrated with a moment of mutual affection. And with three groepsknuffels also showed the English of their softest side.

Left cornervlag

Romelu Lukaku proved to be the most collegiate powerhouse. In two of the four goals that he scored, he pointed ostentatiously to the player who just before the assist was awarded.

And then another tip for photographers who are all celebrating millionaires, are the most beautiful on the sensitive plate to capture. They take the best place on the left cornervlag. From the counts of The Daily Telegraph, shows that more than forty percent of all the festivities on that spot on the field takes place. Only a quarter of the players draws instinctively to the right cornervlag, something more than ten per cent goes to the center circle. A reason for this could the newspaper not to think, all she promises more research to do during the next world cup of 2022 in Qatar.