Sabotage or exceptionally unlucky? Germany investigates related technical problems regeringsvliegtuigen

3efd013f07f0ad59a07fa09f11b7a02a - Sabotage or exceptionally unlucky? Germany investigates related technical problems regeringsvliegtuigen

The large number of technical problems in recent months with the German regeringsvliegtuigen arouses suspicion in the government, the army and the national security agency in Germany. There may be sabotage or cyber attacks, but there is no hard evidence. That writes the newspaper Rheinische Post on Saturday on the basis of different sources.

Germany has a total of nine regeringsvliegtuigen, of which two A340 of Airbus for long-haul flights. So got the A340 ‘Konrad Adenauer’ in June is struggling with an hydraulic problem, was the wiring of the device in October, eaten by rodents in Indonesia, and received it in november to contend with engine problems in Africa.

The most dangerous incident occurred, however, for on november 29, 2018. Chancellor Angela Merkel was just with the ‘Konrad Adenauer’ left to the G20 summit in Argentina when the electronic systems on board abandoned and communication with the ground was broken. The plane made rechtsomkeer and conducted a forced landing in Cologne. That was not without danger: the unit had too much kerosene on board to safe countries.

After the device has four months rooted to the ground for maintenance, was on april 1, re-deployed for a mission of foreign minister Heiko Maas to New York. On landing in the American metropolis was the A340 a flat tire. A rare defect that ten days later a test flight in Germany again in January.

The problems did not, however, only for the ‘Konrad Adenauer’. So got another A340 in the regeringsvloot, the ‘Theodor Heuss’, in January of this year in Ethiopia to cope with luchtdrukproblemen. In the same month fell a Bombardier Global 5000 defective. That last plane crashed on april 16, almost in Berlin on a test flight after a maintenance due to bad cabling. Most recently, on may 19, there was a defect in the auxiliary engine of a so far pannevrije A321.

Within the German government and the security services, there is concern. It is to be feared that there is more going on. In addition, the defects are not only dangerous, they also lead to losing sight because members of the government are often significant (bilateral) agreements must cancel.

The air force of the German army says that the all incidents, and a ‘possible link’ between them explores. Also airline Lufthansa, that the maintenance of the regeringsvliegtuigen, both by the government and internally under the microscope.