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Red Flames waving record international Aline Zeler with giant triumph in friendly

365784de3a4af0857dd2a2880366d4cc - Red Flames waving record international Aline Zeler with giant triumph in friendly

The Belgian women football have the season ended with a big win in a friendly against world cup participant Thailand. The Red Flames were victorious in the stadium of Oud-Heverlee, Leuven, belgium) 6-1. Record international Aline Zeler, good for 111 caps, has played against the Asians, her last duel in the national shirt.

Ella Van Kerkhoven (2.) put the Belgians early on the roses, and then Tessa Wullaert (18.) quickly doubled. After the break, depths Of the Graveyards (50. and 52.), Janice Cayman (74.) and Yana Daniëls (87.) the score further. Thailand saved deep in the extra time the eea.

Zeler, that Sunday, her 36th birthday, was the kick-off put in the flowers. The captain received a bouquet of flowers and life-size photo of themselves in context, making her visible emotioneerde. On the half hour, she got a applauswissel, which the other Flames a between the formed. The aanvalster/defender from the province of Luxembourg made her debut in march 2005 and scored since then 29 goals. Zeler, stops in her club PSV, where they are next season’s promises will work out.

After the oefenpot against Thailand will attract the Flames a line under their season. Next week Friday begins in France the world cup, but that should coach Ives Serneels and co from the seat track. Belgium ended in his kwalificatiepoule behind Italy, and fell into the barrages’t over Switzerland. The Flames are now focusing on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021. The preliminary round of this starts on Tuesday 3 september with a ” home against Croatia.