Peter Van de Veire leave students in the lurch

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Sunday would be Peter Van de Veire, together with Brahim and Doriane Aussems to a new edition of Marathonradio start, that party is going according to the newspapers of “media house”, not by. Marathonradio do, but without the Peter Van de Veire. Thursday were Peter Van de Veire and his wife Ilse are the proud parents of a son, Lex, three weeks too early by the way. Ilse and Peter had their agenda not yet released, certainly Peter is not. From Sunday 2 to Friday, June 21, he would be three weeks along with Brahim Attaeb and Dorianne Aussems the new edition of Marathonradio on MNM present. But now Lex is there, see Peter no longer sit and he goes to his wife Ilse assist. Normally would Lex somewhere around the 21st of June for the first time make themselves heard, but mother nature decided differently. Peter Van de Veire presented in 2012, the first edition of Marathonradio, when it was still completely alone. The autumn afterwards, he is assisted by Tom De Cock and later was the team of presenters, a trio. So there are shifts from 8 to 18 hours and from 18 to 8 hours and there is only one presenter that 24 hours is free. For Peter Van de Veire would Marathonradio this time, even more than in previous years, an attack on his body. First, a shift of 10 or 14 hours to do, than with the mom and son are, that was not really an option and so release Of the Veire in the coming weeks replaced by Sander Gillis.