Oranjevrouwen the lead in uitzwaaiduel with Australia

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Oranjevrouwen the lead in uitzwaaiduel with Australia

01 June 2019 17:49
01-06-19 17:49
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The Oranjevrouwen play Saturday from 18.15 hours the last practice game in the run-up to the world cup. The team of coach Sarina Wiegman takes it in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven on against Australia. Follow everything in this liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde and I will keep you informed of all developments in the practice of the Oranjevrouwen against Australia.

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Oranjevrouwen · 3 minutes ago

The audience in the Philips Stadium will be entertained well in the evening sun.Oranjevrouwen · 4 minutes ago

…and runs cheering away, on the heels gezetend by her team mates that the party want to celebrate.Oranjevrouwen · 6 minutes ago

Shanice van de Sanden headlines the opening goal within…Oranjevrouwen · 11 minutes ago

Peace! The netherlands and Australia to search the dressing rooms with a 1-0-outcome. Shanice van de Sanden headlines Orange area for resting on lead. Disappointment for the Oranjevrouwen is the loss of Kika van Es, while some other players are not okselfris eyes. Still plenty to do thus for for coach Sarina Wiegman and her staff.Oranjevrouwen · 13 minutes geleden45+2′ Australia thinks that they are the same, but the goal is disallowed due to offside. Immediately after that, it sounds rustsignaal.Oranjevrouwen · 15 minutes ago,45+1′ GOAL! 1-0Oranjevrouwen · 16 minutes geleden44′ A yellow card in a friendly match at the women’s, you can see it not so often. Catley deserves him, however, with the way they Greens down spuds.Oranjevrouwen · 20 minutes geleden40 ” Miscommunication behind the Netherlands and almost an own goal by van Lunteren. Keeper Of Veenendaal let the ball run, after which the ball over right back and raise the bar but just about.Oranjevrouwen · 21 minutes ago

39′ the Netherlands is remarkably often the meantime, for offside. That is not always appropriate, but especially, the attackers can there be something better to watch.Oranjevrouwen · 23 minutes geleden37′ Australia will sign again for the purpose of Orange. Raso can freely withdraw from the edge of the penalty area, but her attempt ends up right in the hands of Van Veenendaal.Oranjevrouwen · 25 minutes geleden36′ Suddenly Miedema on the ground. Do the spits out of itself, that is never a good sign.Oranjevrouwen · 27 minutes ago

Kika van Es is brought to the hospital, where her arm and wrist will be examined. If the full-fractions has suffered, she may be the world cup probably forgotten.Oranjevrouwen · 30 minutes geleden30′ the Netherlands is a bit stronger and that pays almost. Greens kicks the ball on good luck for the goal and see Miedema the ball on the slipper. The shot of the striker goes right to the keeper, but again is Orange suddenly dangerous.Oranjevrouwen · 32 minutes geleden28′ Of the Sanden is teruggevlagd for offside after a nice pass from Martens. The repetition shows that the touch judge be quite wrong, but there is no VAR to correct this problem.Oranjevrouwen · 36 minutes ago

24′ the Netherlands is struggling with the physically strong Australia. The visitors in Eindhoven, the ball and convert in loss of ball pressure on the structure in Orange.Oranjevrouwen · 40 minutes geleden20′ The best chance so far for the Netherlands, but Australia has the upper hand. A volley of Logarzo bounces but just next to it.Oranjevrouwen · 43 minutes ago

The sad retreat of Van Es into the picture.Oranjevrouwen · 44 minutes ago

What a bad luck for Kika van Es. The defender hurt himself very early in the duel and must be replaced. It is still unclear what its exactly is wrong and what consequences this has for its world cup participation.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden13′ the Netherlands will finally once and immediately it is life threatening. Martens rushes on the left along with everything and everyone and puts the ball perfectly on the head of the Sanden. The player from Champions League winner Olympique Lyon nods, however.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden11′ It’s not with Es, that with tears in the eyes of the field. Merel van Dongen comes in for the full.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden10′ the Netherlands is for the time being not under the pressure of Australia. The ‘Matildas’ already have a couple of corners had, without however real danger of the giants. It is equally restructure after the injury Of Es, which is also within the lines.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenHet national anthem was just before the start still impressive sung by everyone.

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe 🎵
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AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:24 – June 1, 2019Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden6′ The game is now resumed. The netherlands plays with ten, because Of Es outside the lines is treated at her wrist and neck.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden3′ Kika van Es remains after a collision and needs care. The duel is silent for a moment, while the fullback is patched.Oranjevrouwen · one hour ago

Now the contest really began, and during the warm-up, no crazy things have happened, sharpens Sherida Pointed her own course record. The midfielder plays her 162e international match tonight.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geleden1′ The ball is rolling, the Oranjevrouwen have begun the duel with Australia, their last practice game on the way to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in France in over a week.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenDe folk songs have sounded. One last pep talk in the large circle and the 22 basisspelers can to their spot in the field.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenBondscoach Sarina Wiegman is happy with a strong opponent like Australia in the last practice game for the world cup. “We also want to know where we stand,” said Wiegman against Veronica. The coach will start tonight with Sari Veendendaal under the crossbar and Stefanie van der Gragt central in the back, but would not yet confirm that this is also the starting grid for the world cup. “We’re going after this race, see, we have after ten days, the time to decisions.”Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenHet strong Australia, that the last three world cup editions of the quarter finals pulled out, is also in preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and a world ranking two places higher than Orange.Oranjevrouwen · one hour ago

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AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:02 – 1 June 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours geledenDe Oranjevrouwen start to warm up. About a half-hour will kick off in the Philips Stadium.

The warm-up begins! ⚽️
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AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen17:34 – 1 June 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

The still only 22-year-old Vivanne Miedema has tonight chance to become the top scorer of all times of the Oranjevrouwen to be. The striker of Arsenal has still two goals behind Manon Melis. Also current Orange players Lieke Martens and Sherida Pointed high in the rankings.

1. Manon Melis, 59 goals
2. Vivianne Miedema, 57
3. Lieke Martens, 42
4. Sylvia Smith, 30
5. Sherida Pointed, 30Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

15 – The Netherlands women’s national team have won 15 of their last 16 games on home soil (1 draw). Comforts.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen17:00 – 1 June 2019Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

Up! With the familiar elf names starts Orange at 18.15 hours on the practice duel with Australia:

The netherlands: Van Veenendaal; Lunteren, Van der Gragt, Bloodworth, Es; Greens, From the Donk, Pointed; Van de Sanden, Miedema, Martens.Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geledenDe Oranjevrouwen arrived at the stadium! Still one and a half hours until the kick-off.

We are there! 🏟
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AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen16:36 – 1 June 2019Oranjevrouwen · 3 hours geledenHet Philips Stadium is tonight the backdrop of the ‘uitzwaaiwedstrijd’ of the Oranjevrouwen on the way to the world cup. In Eindhoven, at 18.15 pm kick off against Australia.

Hi Eindhoven!
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