Only a limited number of climbers allowed on Mont Blanc

791068e951ebb0b78494ecc51fdc92fa - Only a limited number of climbers allowed on Mont Blanc

Not only on Mount Everest, it is sometimes drumming for rock climbers, the Mont Blanc is struggling with the nuisance. Therefore, the number of climbers now limited.

Climbers should no longer be to the top of the Mont Blanc, 4.810 meters, the highest mountain in Western Europe, if they do not have a reservation for one of the three cabins on the way to the top.

The French authorities want in this way, the number of climbers embankment. Because the 25,000 climbers that the mountain each year to climb, often not enough trained, provide too much inconvenience, too much waste and too many (fatal) accidents.

Because the three cabins on the Goûter route, the main French road to the top, not enough place to sleep and offer it to all climbers, take many a tent. But that should be so no longer. Illegal camping can be fined up to 300,000 euros, produce and even a jail term of two years.

Now may daily so only a maximum of 214 mountaineers per day the Mont Blanc climb: that is exactly the number of places available in the three cabins.

‘Just a large carnival’

Jean-Marc Peillex, mayor of Saint-Gervais at the foot of the Mont Blanc, had the measures last year already announced. “It is up there like a big fair,” she said last year in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro.

‘The people do what they want, anywhere waste behind, and they don’t nut.’ A good preparation is, according to him, the half of the work. ‘Everyone goes on and on climbing, without thinking. That people bring their own lives in danger and that of the professionals.’

Friday still died a Slovakian man after a fall, and at the end of February died all of a Polish climber. Last year there were fifteen dead.