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KV Mechelen to pay the piper of ‘Clean Hands’

KV Mechelen is promoted not to the Jupiler League and will also have no European football to play. The club won the league in 1B next season to start with a handicap of 12 points.

The complaints board of Appeal of the Belgian Football association, considers that it is proven that the club and four of its directors (Thierry Steemans, Oliver Somers, Johan Timmermans and Stefaan Van Roy) at the end of the football season 2017-2018 via real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic have tried Waasland-Beveren to buy.

The four directors are all four years suspended from the bondslijsten.

Veljkovic and two other brokers -Walter Mortelmans and Thomas Troch – be suspended as brokers for, respectively, ten, three and three years.

Waasland-Beveren -the second club who rightly stood – is a good way. Because the commission believes that it is not proven that Waasland-Beveren will also effectively addressed the attempt to bribe is going to the club freely and degrades them so not 1B as the bondsparket had asked.

The chairman of Waasland-Beveren, Dirk george chapman and the sporting director Olivier Swolfs be for one year with the postponement suspended because they departed to their duty. They brought with them the belgian football association is not aware of the attempted bribery.

The degradation of KV Mechelen is good news for Beerschot-Wilrijk that is promoted to 1A and also for AA Gent that still has European football playing.

KV Mechelen -sporting a fantastic season had the highest hits. The commission swept all the procedure elements that the club brought about, according to them, incomplete and biased investigation’ of the table.

According to the commission, the survey clearly showed the debt of KV Mechelen. In the ruling says the commission: ‘to KV Mechelen was undoubtedly involved in competitievervalsing. By a number of initiatives, developed and implemented by members of the club an attempt was made on the result of the last game of the football season 2017-2018 against Waasland-Beveren to influence.’

Because the acts of bribery were made by four directors who have strategic roles within the club activities, the committee considers the entire club involved.

KV Mechelen had during the last pleadings previous tried the debt position on real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic and the chief financial officer of KV Thierry Steemans but, the commission does not have faith.

According to the commission, both the majority shareholder Olivier Somers as directors Thierry Steemans, Stefaan Vanroy and Johan Timmermans involved. That cost the club the degradation.

Beveren is a good way

Waasland-Beveren is so good. According to the commission, were on the club level at Waasland-Beveren not made any arrangements about the bribery. The club relegated. Only president Dirk george chapman and athletic director Olivier Swolfs knew about the approach by KV Mechelen.

About the president Dirk george chapman writes the commission, ‘That the attitude of george chapman in this case is ambiguous, it can not be contested. He blows cold and hot.’ .

Read: george chapman had Veljkovic and K. believe that the game was sold, but was in reality nothing. According to the commission, it appears out of nothing, that the match KV Mechelen Waasland-Beveren effectively regulated.

Since george chapman was the only one to engage constructively with the research has contributed, he comes from deletion of the bondslijsten for one year with the delay.

An acquittal is also there for ex – Waasland-Beveren player Olivier Myny of whom the commission says that the match has correctly played


KV Mechelen remains on the website of the club that he is innocent. KV will be against the decision of the commission appeal to the Belgian Arbitration for Sport (BAS) . The probability seems great that the club to the civil court step in.

The arbitration committee Appeal to professional football:

• Condemns YR KV Mechelen and 4 of its directors due to competitievervalsing.

This means that Johan Timmermans, Thierry Steemans, Olivier Somers, Stefaan Vanroy ten years suspended. Somers may never have to connect with the royal belgian football association.

• Eight KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren not guilty but condemns 2 of its directors for failure to comply with the notification requirement.

This means that Dirk george chapman and Olivier Swolfs 1 year conditionally suspended. Walter Clippeleyr and Jozef Van Remoortel go unpunished.

• 3 agents (Dejan Veljkovic, Walter Mortelmans and Thomas Troch, eds.) guilty of acts of competitievervalsing. (Evert Maeschalck goes unpunished, ed.)

• Speaks to the player (Olivier Myny, ed.) completely free.

Pursuant to this decision are the sporting consequences for the clubs in the framework of the Belgian leagues for the season 2019-2020 the following.

• YR KV Mechelen will, with a puntenhandicap of 12 points to distribute between the two periods, took office in the Proximus League and will not be able to participate in the Croky Cup during one season.

• KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren, for whom no tuchtsanctie is imposed, will play in the Jupiler Pro League.

• KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk will play in the Jupiler Pro League in place of YR KV Mechelen.