Gunman kills twelve people in Virginia

f280d07defaac46a052ede1131e59ef8 - Gunman kills twelve people in Virginia

A man has Friday, at least twelve people were killed and several others injured during a shooting rampage in the U.s. Virginia Beach, in southeastern Virginia. The shooter came themselves also to let the police know.

Friday afternoon, a little after 16 hours local time, the shooter is a government building, where he worked in and he started immediately on the victims to shoot’. Eleven people were killed on the spot and another victim died on the way to the hospital. Four injured are in the hospital, according to the local police.

After he started shooting, ran four policemen inside the building, in which a firefight started. Finally, the offender himself killed by police bullets.

“This is the most terrible day in the history of Virginia Beach’, says mayor Bobby Dwyer. “The people involved are our friends, colleagues and neighbors.’

The identity of the offender is known to the authorities, but will not be announced before all victims are identified and families are informed.

According to figures from the website of Gun Violence Archive, this was the 150th massaschietpartij this year in the US.