For the first time in ten years again worry about water in Australia

79934c174d68f15fe1183f665966e3b8 - For the first time in ten years again worry about water in Australia

Because the water reserves dangerously low, and there is still no immediate end seems to come to the drought, the Australian state of New South Wales residents are some limitations.

It has the last two years of too little rain on the Australian east coast, which the water resources are much lower than should. In addition, expect the meteorological institute that there is also from June to August (the Australian winter) a little rain will fall and it’s warm for the time of year.

‘It is extremely important that we take urgent action, ” says Melinda Pavey, as state minister responsible for water.

This is why the more than five million inhabitants in the region around Sydney, from today, conserve water, on penalty of fines. Lawns may still be sprayed, but only between 10 and 16 hours with a garden hose equipped with a spray nozzle. Automatic sprinklers are prohibited.

Driveways, paths and other hard surfaces, brushing is allowed only in case of emergency or for security reasons. Who a (re)new(d) swimming pool want to fill greater than 10,000 litres has a permission is needed.

It is 2009 ago that such restrictions were in force.

Citizens who do not comply with the rules, risk a fine of 220 Australian dollars (140 euros), and companies a fine of 550 dollars (340 euros), says in a statement from the government. There is a transitional period of three months, during which the fines still will not be handed out.