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Euromillions Basketball League: Brussels cracks in the first match against Antwerp only in slotkwart

a99f8bc5c6a198e7bca75c339c19d99f - Euromillions Basketball League: Brussels cracks in the first match against Antwerp only in slotkwart

Antwerp Friday evening in the first match of the semi finals in the play-offs of the Euromillions Basketball League at Brussels won. The visitors held a half-hour is equal trad, but it cracked in the slot. The final standings in the Lotto Arena was 80-68 (rest: 41-43).

Antwerp ended the regular season as the first, put on a fantastic Champions League campaign down and won this season, five of his six duels against Brussels. The Giants were also the home advantage and started so as a favorite in this series.

After a gelijkopgaand beginning, had the troops of Roel Moors, or haunt. The Brussels guard Loubry (13 pts) disbanded halfway through the first quarter are devils against his former club, but Antwerp limited to the difference (22-24). In the second quarter kept both teams balance each other: it was 41-43 to the rest.

Also in the third quarter gave the two teams together not budge an inch, all went to Antwerp with a small advantage of the slotkwart in. Therein was second despite 18 points from Walker (18 pts) just a bit too large. The Giants were in no time at all 10 points. That gorge were the troops of Serge Crevecoeur not more poem. At Antwerp were Lee (17 pts, 6 assists), Sanders (16 pts) and Tate (12 pts) the star performers.

Sunday is the second contest in the capital on the program. If the Giants match win, bumping them to the finals. In the other semi-final looks Ostend in the eyes of Limburg United. The defending champion may Saturday, after an 84-73 victory on the coast Thursday night, all places for the finale.

Man of the Match: Paris Lee 17 points, 3 rebounds 6 assists

Antwerp Giants:(28 of 64 shots, including 11 on 28 triples, 13 14 vrijworpen and 18 errors) KALINOSKI 6-4, BLADES 3-0 , SANDERS 5-11 , BAKO 0-2, LEE 9-8, Kingsley 3-2, Donkor 3-0, Tate 10-2, Vanwijn 0-2, Akyazili 0-0 , Dudzinski 2-8, Bleijebergh 0-0

Brussels: (26 of 57 shots, including 8 of 27 triples, 8 to 12 vrijworpen and 16 errors) STEVENS 6-2, WALKER 6-12, MUYA 5-0, PECIUKEVICIUS 0-0, LICHODZIJEWSKI 5-0, Loubry 12-1, J. Foerts 0-0, Gorgemans 0-0, Robeyns 0-7, Radić 6-0, Smith 3-3

Quartz: 22-24, 19-19, 19-15, 20-10