Busy times for Jeroen Van Dyck

c1529083af8291f0db147dc2cce5f345 - Busy times for Jeroen Van Dyck

Jeroen Van Dyck is soon on the set of LikeMe 2, but in the meantime, he is also the manager of his restaurant Yam Thai. And in Gazet Van Antwerpen, he tells us that this is not a snack. “It is really not to be underestimated. I notice sometimes that people have a wrong picture of what I do. Who think that Yam Thai a kind of hobby. No, the case demands every day of my life. It is not because I’m not wait staff, that I am working on. There is always the bookkeeping, and a tangle of rules and all kinds of legislation. Sometimes it is quite complex. On some days, I can be the case really revile when everything is against. But I think I do because of the passion for Thai food. Of course I would want more acting and making music. But I don’t want to make choices.”