An exclusive look into the rehearsal space of Love for Music

9209ec4b65b80dbd00adf106f6060f21 - An exclusive look into the rehearsal space of Love for Music

The past weeks saw an average 724.000 viewers (live +7) for the Love of Music-artists giving the best of themselves for their colleagues in Spain. Piece by piece, took them out with powerful and surprising covers. But how did those songs come about? In the slotaflevering on Monday 3 June the artists in their maps look and give them an exclusive glimpse into the rehearsals to the recording room.

In the best-of-delivery is reflected on the beautiful moments and the musical highlights of the past season. The artists show how the hits are created, and what happened to the adventure before. So says Bart Kaëll about the doubts in the title of his English version of So Incredible. “In the Flemish, it was incredibly Beautiful. Luc Appermont) actually wanted to be absolutely Beautiful, but I found that not such a nice word.” Laura Tesoro is doing her favorite cover from the canvases, and Jan Leyers reveals why his version of the Marie-Louise is not about a boat could go. “A boat, my heart does not beat faster”, sounds. In Spain show Milow and Ilse the spot where she had had to flee to Sleeping Bag to rehearse. A secret place where Bart Kaëll them could not hear.

The nerves to each other’s repertoire to cover were the past weeks, several times felt in the artists. “The small setting, the original artist that’s out there… that is not so obvious,” Mich of Kommil Foo. “I prefer playing for 1,000 people than for my own family. If you are for a 1,000 man plays and 150 do not find it good, then you notice that.” A feeling that ‘young girl’ Laura Tesoro shares: “All of the others do this for a long time already and have also already proven. To than 2 metres from them, their songs to cover was at times very scary.”