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The movie: a kick in the scrotum

a86073cc6bbbd7ce52f0a53ef01de1cd - The movie: a kick in the scrotum

Friday movie night. You have the choice of a series of blockbusters, or you can be in the actualiteitsprogramma’s additional commentary about the elections of last weekend.

In respect of (Canvas, 20.00-20.30)

Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A) wrote an op-ed about confederalisme. He light it and talk about it with political scientist Bart Maddens. Furthermore, a discussion with Each Of the Lights for Green negotiates the Dutch-speaking part of the Brussels government and an attempt to answer the question of why there last Sunday suddenly 16.000 Dutch voters were in the capital.

The Appointment on Friday (Canvas, 20.30-21.20 pm)

Minister of state Miet Smet (CD&V), editor-in-chief of The Newspaper Liesbeth Van Impe and sociologist Mark Elchardus discuss the election victory of the Vlaams belang and the tensions between the ACW and the CD&V.

Re (Canvas 21.20-23.20 hours)

Scarlett Johansson has recently for the third time married. Asked what he most compelling to her was, replied the groom allegedly: her voice. You only need to this prachtfilm to look to see that the man has a point.

Rundskop (VTM 23.50-2.10 pm)

Asked what the most painful, childbirth or a firm kick in the scrotum, said researchers from Asapscience a few years ago: a firm kick in the scrotum. You only need to this film to watch to see that they have a point.

Snowpiercer (Caz 20.35-22.40 hours)

Asked to why they are the global warming as a myth to take away, say klimaatontkenners ever: because a new ice age much worse. You only need to this sf-movie to watch to know that they have seen.