Paris prohibits smoking in parks and public gardens

36114bac633c0c2099bf420a5a65cab5 - Paris prohibits smoking in parks and public gardens

The cigarette is in the capital of France again what is less welcome, because as of 8 June a smoking ban in 52 parks and public gardens of the city, good for ten percent of the Paris green space.

Who is in the act, when lighting a cigarette or other tobacco product to be caught, will be starting June 8, a fine of 38 euros. The smoking ban applies especially in the smaller parks of the city.

According to European statistics, France is the country with most smokers from all EU member states. Already have, according to the state agency Santé Publique in France 1.6 million smokers since 2016 the cigarette forever extinguished. And, the number of smokers has dropped to 25.4 percent of the population. On the other hand, increases the number of deaths from tobacco by five percent per year. This is due to the breakthrough of the sigaert in the female part of the population, between the years 1970 and 1990.

31 may by the world health organisation declared World No Tobacco Day.