Nasa invests $ 250 million in preparation for trip to moon

dae0137ee1d0e3fa0100da8ab384bc81 - Nasa invests $ 250 million in preparation for trip to moon

Space agency Nasa has three contracts with companies that will cooperate within the five year people to the moon. These agreements, which are part of the preparation, are good for more than $ 250 million.

The Artemis plan to 2024 an astronaut astronaute to the Moon. From 2028 must be a permanent residence.

For there again, Americans landed on the natural satellite of the Earth shall walk, shall (unmanned) landers prior research. NASA has been looking to the private sector focused, and three partners under the arm to starting next year scientific and technological useful loads on the object to put down.

Although each partner proposed specific instruments of NASA to the Moon, the exact distribution is yet to happen.

Astrobotic from Pittsburgh got a contract of 79.5 million dollars and wants by July 2021 to fourteen useful loads to Lacus Mortis, a vast crater. There is going to be 77 million dollars to Intuitive Machines in Houston. The company has offered at the same time to five useful loads to countries in the Oceanus Procellarum, an area that, according to the NASA scientists intrigued.

Orbit and Beyond from Edison (New Jersey) at september 2020, four useful loads to the lavavlakte Mare Imbrium, in a crater. NASA knows the company 97 million dollars.

Artemis must also have a manned mission to Mars prepare. Between 1969 and 1972, twelve Americans on the Moon stayed, then no man more.