Magnum PI is back: without mustache but with a Ferrari

3d5a574ea8acd16d65430f5d482dd14c - Magnum PI is back: without mustache but with a Ferrari

Remakes of tv series from the eighties and shoot like mushrooms from the ground, and so revives the iconic detective Thomas Magnum from Magnum PI. Q2 takes the viewers from Sunday, 2 June at 20.30 to the sunny Hawaii for the new adventures of the private detective. So time to 6 facts about the old and the new series to share.

1. Magnum PI took Tom Selleck the role of Indiana Jones.
Can someone Indiana Jones proposals with a thick mustache? It was almost a reality because Tom Selleck was, according to the writers of Indiana Jones is the best choice for the role of the famous archaeologist to fulfill. Fortunately, Selleck his contract with Magnum PI signed and was the ‘ stache of Selleck notorious. The role of Indiana Jones eventually went to Harrison Ford.

2. Jay Hernandez will step into the role of his jeugdidool
Tom Selleck was just a little too old to be detectivekunstjes back. It is now up to Jay Hernandez for the role of Thomas Magnum to interpret. Hernandez grew up with the series and it is for him a dream that comes true. Hernandez was previously seen as El Diablo in Suicide Squad and also played all the beloved of Mila Kunis in the Bath Mom movies.

3. Higgins is a lady
Magnums vriendenkliek – the helicopter, the dobermanns and their owners Higgins – are all of the party in the remake. Only to see Higgins there just that little bit different. Girl Weeks will take on the role for her account and she gives Higgins this long blonde hair. The vriendenkliekje gets a feminine touch.