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“Lewis Hamilton won in ‘Niki Lauda-style’ in Monaco”

584d163a23d9cb5e86156d5f0842e990 - "Lewis Hamilton won in 'Niki Lauda-style' in Monaco"

According to two-time F1 champion Mika Hakkinen won Lewis Hamilton the grand prix of Monaco because he is in the same way drove like that Niki Lauda his last F1 victory.

Lewis Hamilton reed during the final laps of the GP of Monaco is almost completely worn tires. It differed not much or Hamilton had the race lost but the Brit managed to Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel behind him.

“Lauda won in 1985 during the GP of the Netherlands, his last victory as he McLaren team-mate Alain Prost behind him had to keep. Before that, he had to be in every turn with his car a defensive stance and then ensure that he is on the faster pieces enough speed pulled out,” said Hakkinen in his column for ‘Unibet’.

“That is exactly what Lewis last Sunday had to do to make Max Verstappen behind him.”

“In true Niki Lauda style, he did exactly what was required, his car in the middle of the job position to defend against Verstappen and then he made sure that he quickly accelerated in the two fastest sections of the circuit, the straight along the pit lane and the tunnel under the Fairmont Hotel.”

“This was a really mature race from him, a victory in which Hamilton really had to fight.”

Hakkinen was also impressed by Max Verstappen that Lewis pressured, especially during the final laps of the race while Sebastian Vettel just behind him reed. Verstappen tried at the height of the chicane Hamilton to catch up but that succeeded in that attack, to turn.

“It was great to see how Max Lewis, the push was during the last twenty laps of the race with Sebastian behind him that was waiting for something to happen,” said the two-time F1 champion.

“Max was really full on pushing and it was good that he tried to get Lewis to catch up, even though he was a little late with his inhaalpoging.”

“The spectators enjoyed it but would eventually Lewis paramount to remain,” concluded Hakkinen.

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