French government in appeal against compulsory treatment comapatiënt

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The French government is in Friday, the court of cassation has gone against the order of the Paris court of appeal to the restart of the treatment of Vincent Lambert. That cripple French patient is already ten years in an irreversible vegetative state. His family is the mutual disagreement about what the man must happen.

The ministries of Health, Social Affairs and Health, and Foreign Affairs served their verbrekingsverklaring Friday morning in the Court of Cassation. The court of appeal in Paris, to which the parents of Lambert focused, ordered on 20 may that the treatment of the 42-year-old man, who the same morning was stopped at a hospital in the city of Reims, had to resume.

The judges ruled that the French state ‘the interim measures which the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 3 may 2019 asked about the enforcement of the nutrition and hydration needed to do to respect’.

The UN committee asked France for the treatment of Lambert not to stop, pending a review on the merits of the case. The French health minister Agnès Buzyn, however, found that France is ‘not required’ was to have this request respected.

Family divided

The family of Vincent Lambert is deeply divided about his fate, and has been for six years in a legal battle. Lambert was in 2008 involved in a serious traffic accident. Since then he has been paralyzed on the four limbs and he is artificially kept alive.

His parents are against the cessation of the treatment. But the wife of Lambert, supported by six of the eight brothers and sisters of Lambert argues that the “therapeutic obstinacy” with which he is kept alive against his will takes effect.