€ 3,000 is raised for Louis and Hubert from Don’t Worry Be Happy

7e9c5e3ec687a146c979bf9862d6aef1 - € 3,000 is raised for Louis and Hubert from Don't Worry Be Happy

A preview from the episode of Don’t Worry Be Happy from Thursday night has a great form of solidarity brought about. In the video, was to see that the elderly brothers, Louis and Hubert a fine of 780 euros had been of the fasfc. The brave men were selling products in shops in the heart of Brussels and on the market, but they were the rules of the food and drug administration has not after. Immediately put Wim Vanzeir crowdfunding, meanwhile, is already nearly 3,000 euros were collected for Louis and Hubert. Vanzeir the edrag Saturday to Louis and Hubert try to deliver. “Everything we have we are going to try to use them to help in line with the rules, so that they can remain farmers. If that’s not an option, the surplus to a charity for people in poverty”, what it sounds like. More than 230 people donated less than 17 hours time almost 3,000 euros. The donors do not understand that the PRODUCTION of these gentlemen, fined, and their hobby is declining. Everyone agrees that Louis and Hubert do any harm. Also Michel Van den Brande, meanwhile, has itself heard, the boss of Kontrimo wrote on Facebook that he’s fine with fun for the gentlemen pays.
Louis (82) and Hubert (78) give barely any money, that is with their small pensions are also not possible. They must save with 8 euro per day. They are both born on the farm. After the death of their mother, now forty years ago, they remained there, alone. They are retired, but work every day on the field. Big dreams they have not. Big desires are not. Even the love they have renounced. They have neither of them ever having a relationship. But they are happy in their own way, of course.