Dutch hostage in Philippines killed in attempted escape

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The Dutchman At Horn (59), which is more than seven years in the south of the Philippines was taken hostage, is Friday at escape killed by his kidnappers. It reports the Philippine army. Horn was since the beginning of 2012 held hostage by islamist terreurbeweging.

Soldiers have the body of Horn found after a firefight between the Philippine army and the fighters of Abu Sayyaf, in the mountainous jungle near the town of Patikul on the island of Jolo, a thousand kilometers south of Manila. Reports that brig-gen Divino Rey Pabayo, Jr. ‘Horn was shot by his guards when he, during the firefight, tried to escape’, says the general. His remains would have been recovered.

The fights were also six terrorists were killed, among them a woman who was identified as the second wife of Abu Sayyaf leader Radulan Sahiron. The United States praised earlier for 1 million dollars for the capture of Sahiron, who is suspected behind the kidnapping of American tourists in 2001.

The Dutch Foreign minister Stef Blok said in a written statement ‘shocked’ by the death of Horn, and very with the relatives to live with it. “I’ve also been in contact with the family had. I’m going to my Filipino colleague to further clarification questions,’ he stated.

Too ill to escape

On February 1, 2012 was Horn with the Swiss, Lorenzo house was built and their Filipino guide kidnapped, during a bird safari to the most southern island of the Philippines, Tawi-Tawi. The guide escaped when the threesome was transferred to Jolo, the Swiss was able two years later to escape. Horn was at that time too sick to escape.

For a long time there was uncertainty about the condition of the Horn. Last January reported in the local media that the Horn was still alive and in relatively good health wrong. They have cited a man who, together with the Dutchman caught had been sat and was freed.

Violent terrorist group

Abu Sayyaf would be behind some of the worst terrorist attacks in the Philippines are some of the kidnappings of foreigners. It is a small but extremely violent terrorist group of the islamic south of the otherwise predominantly catholic country. Abu Sayyaf is responsible for several kidnappings, beheadings and bombings. They vowed to be rather loyal to Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.