Deletes Madrid the first European city to be low emission zone?

df50a67aae905d644e3a419033a1785f - Deletes Madrid the first European city to be low emission zone?

Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the right-wing politician that is on the way seems to be the president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the low-zone of the Spanish capital shortage. Files and traffic now, once the cultural identity of Madrid. She gets applause from the upcoming Madrid mayor, a partijgenoot.

Ayuso, who is expected on behalf of the conservative Partido Popular, the next president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, believes that the many files, one of the things that Madrid as ‘special’. They vowed then to get to the power of the low emission zone in the capital city, known under the name of Madrid Central, to turn back.

“I don’t think air pollution is something we are glad to have, but she is a part of the identity of our city, and a sign that there is life on our streets,” she said during the election campaign to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

‘Pollution is a part of life in Madrid”, she continued, ” and our night life is now once hand-in-hand with traffic jams, even at 3 in the morning.’

A target of the right

The low emission zone was introduced by the current Metro mayor Manuela Carmena, who for the past four years in control. Even in the most recent election she received the highest number of votes, but she had still beaten against a coalition of right-wing parties.

The measure was the town of Madrid prohibited area for cars of non-residents. During the election campaign grew among many of the inhabitants, however, popular measure, however, until the bull’s-eye of the Partido Popular.

Madrid is the first major European city that are low emission zone kortwiekt. Ayuso is acclaimed by partijgenoot José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who after the local elections in Madrid last Sunday the new mayor of the city seems to be. Martínez-Almeida promised that one of his first beleidsdaden would be to make ‘adjustments’ to perform at Madrid Central. Also the radical right-wing Vox, a prospective coalition partner the Partido Popular in Madrid, declared on Sunday that ” the low-zone a thing of the past’.

‘Dramatic consequences’

According to The Guardian die each year 30,000 Spaniards to the effects of air pollution. The British newspaper therefore relies on figures from the European environment Agency.

A month after the rollout of Madrid Central last november, was the city, already with a quarter declined. The emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) was decreased by 38 percent, CO2 emissions by 14 percent. “The air quality is thanks to Madrid Central is still more improved than initially thought. The inhabitants of the town are very happy with the measures, and have massively voted for Manuela Carmena, ” says ecologiste and activist Nuria Blázquez-Sánchez against The Guardian. “This rollback will have dramatic consequences for the health, especially for vulnerable residents such as children, pregnant women and the elderly.’

Nevertheless, it can still be hard to the low emission zone is actually to dismantle. Environmentalists have shown themselves to already be willing to, if necessary, lawsuits to start. Moreover, Madrid Central after the European Commission had threatened action against the Spanish government if nothing was done to the poor air quality.