Come Jones Late Night back?

6cda3240155b33f89981e96efa3332df - Come Jones Late Night back?

Thursday night is the cloth on the fifth season of Gert Late Night cases. Gert and James locks Thursday the sixth and last week of Gert Late Night. The following weeks will Gert Verhulst and James Cooke definitely not be bored, there should be rehearsed for the new program with the working title of The Battle. The chances are that Gert and James soon also just take a vacation, we deem the chances that they Viktor Verhulst at Love Island visit.
In the calendar of James is a lot of work, because he has with, among others, Except quite a bit of work. Gert Verhulst will also be good to know what to do, he will soon launch a new single by Samson & Gert, in the summer, the duo again in the Plopsa Theatre, and would occasionally even married.