Captain cruise ship arrested for deadly shipwreck on the Danube

6c11b7acaaccd56e98ccd513b4ebd748 - Captain cruise ship arrested for deadly shipwreck on the Danube

The captain of the cruise ship that collided with the sunken tourist boat on the Danube in Budapest has been picked up. That left the police of Budapest Thursday night know. There would be personal and tangible evidence to the Oekraïner to suspect.

Still, 21 people are missing after the shipwreck, seven people were already counted. The search continues, but there is little hope that the missing soldiers are still alive found. By the strong current of the river and the limited view makes action very difficult.

The body of a victim of kilometres from the place of the accident found, please notify the police.

On board of the boat ‘Hableány’ (the Hungarian word for mermaid) were 35 people: 33 South Koreans and 2 members of the crew. At the height of the Margarethabrug was the vessel hit by the bigger boat, the Viking Sigyn, which in every seconds sank.

The skipper and one other member of the crew of the tourist boat are still missing. Seven survivors were shortly after the accident by passengers of other boats out of the water. They had to be treated for hypothermia. Nobody on the Viking Sigyn was injured.

Thursday, preparations were made to the wreck of the Hableany out of the water. That action will certainly be days, even a week, take.