British children were skin to racism to avoid

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British children who are victims of racism dare not talk about it. Some choose to try their skin color change, and as problems to avoid.

That report children’s fund NSPCC. The number of crimes with racism as the driving force increases for three years already, according to the organization.

Some of the research surveyed young people say that they make up do to their skin brighter. “My friends want to see me no more because others began to question why they are with someone with a ‘dirty skin’ friends’, according to a 10-year-old to NSPCC. “I tried all of my skin to be paler with make-up so that I can hear,

Between the period 2015-2016 and 2017-2018, the number of cases of hate motivated by ‘race’in children by twenty percent: more than 10,000 racist incidents were recorded. NSPCC went after the local police, which ultimately 38 of the 43 offices agreed to exchange data. Presumably, the figures still higher.

The research from the NSPCC has even the victims of less than a year old that fall prey to abuse based on their origin. In adults grew this number by 14 percent compared to 2016-2017, and remains, a person’s background, with more than half the greatest motivation for hate crime in England and Wales.

Belgium, by contrast, is better on the road. According to the figures from 2018 of the federal police to reduce the number of incidents of racism and other mensenhaat since 2014.